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> Clients & Services

    Our Clients

    Many people who do what we do say they specialize in financial or professional services - which makes us wonder why those people aren’t lawyers, bankers or hedge fund moguls. At everywhichway, we know our specialty - we are marketers and communicators - and we have been fortunate enough to scatter our marketing and communication expertise across multiple industry segments, including:

  • associations (professional, trade)
  • banking (retail, commercial)
  • brokerage
  • consulting
  • environment & energy (green technologies)
  • government (city, state, federal, international)
  • healthcare information technology
  • information technology
  • insurance
  • investment/wealth management
  • luxury consumer retail
  • manufacturing
  • private equity/venture capital
  • sport/fitness
  • travel/tourism/hospitality

    Working across different industries does two things. One, it keeps us on our toes. We make it our business to know a little bit about a lot of different things. It means we have to read a lot, watch a lot, observe a lot and meet a lot of very interesting people. Two, it satisfies our insatiable curiosity. We know what we know and we are intrigued by what we don’t. For people who are naturally high energy like us, the risk is very much worth the reward. 

    Our Services

  • executive counsel and speechwriting
  • corporate identity programs
  • key messaging programs
  • branding and industry positioning
  • content development (speeches, blogs, bylines, releases, statements)
  • collateral design and development
  • website copy, design and development
  • intranet copy, design and development
  • traditional and new media outreach
  • social media platform identification and outreach strategy
  • print and digital advertising
  • customer segmentation
  • customer acquisition and retention
  • public affairs
  • investor relations (equity investing, M&A, IPO)
  • industry analyst relations
  • strategic alliances and partnerships
  • reputation management
  • corporate social responsibility
  • community outreach
  • event marketing
  • cause marketing

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